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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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good morning, i'm britt school. have a nice day everyone. >> good luck. some of you getting up very early to do that. chris, what do we have for weather? the weather is cooperating for the first day back to school. mostly in the 40s and 50s in higher elevations.
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always some cooler spots. metro area 59 in boulder and 59 in lakewood and highlands ranch and englewood. 62 at the airport. stapleton 60 degrees. we are watching some reports from weather watchers. 52 degrees down in uray. there's a disturbance coming out of northern utah kicking up showers and this may impact our weather. and an approaching cold front making a very big change. let's get our first look at traffic with joe. here's a look at i-25. you can see it's looking nice and wide open on both sides. it's wrapped up their contraction for the night so a good start to the morning. as we take a look at the metro area picture, you'll see spos spotty areas of construction
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are your construction problems this morning. attorneys for two american swimmers pulled off a plane bound for america say clients will not be able to leave brazil until the swimmers testify about a robbery. rio's international airport was surrounded by media last night. the investigation involved a reported robbery targeting swimmer ryan lochte and his teammates. he's back in the u.s. and police in brazil want to investigate claims the men gun point in rio on sunday. >> we got pulled over in our taxi. the guy pulled out his gun, cocked it and put it to my forehead and said get down. i put my hands up like whatever. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> the men all have different versions of what happened and they say they have little
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his comment now telling nbc the gun was not in fact pointed at his forehead but pointed in his direction. people are searching for a missing lakewood emt. eric brock has been missing for a month now after he walked away barefoot from a party. shawn chitnis is live now in lakewood. the family is not giving up hope looking because they have to find out what happened to him either way. that's why they're going to once again meet together to search here at this church in lakewood later tonight at the church on the mountain here at this location. so here's more about eric. the 25-year old was seen a month ago walking away from a party
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mountain area trying to find eric. his father and fiance leading the group of volunteers. he lives here in lakewood and was hosting a party that night at his apartment when he went missing. the topic of police shootings came up and the conversation got heated so he decided to leave and cool down but he wasn't wearing any shoes chlts his car and belongings were left behind and that's the last we know. along with rough terrain there are posters around the area to remind passing anybody that eric is still missing. the effort is continuing to look for him around this church at and this is almost a month since the official ground search started. live in lakewood, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you very much. we'll follow up on that. the wildfires burning in san
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grown now to 40 square miles. fire crews are working around the clock to get a better handle on what's happening there. >> reporter: the inferno raged on for a second night in san bernardino county. fire crews are paying attention to the ski town of right wood where flames are inching closer and closer to homes. >> hopefully these guys will take care of it and we can be safe because go. >> reporter: the fire has destroyed countless homes, many in the towns of felin. ron returned home to find his dogs safe and his property still standing. >> all these houses across the street are around. everything is burnt to the foundation so i didn't have much hope for our place but we were fortunate. >> reporter: despite a mandatory evacuation order, some
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>> it's my home. would you leave yours? >> our cars are lined up and ready to go if we need to go. >> last summer we did lose people. fire behavior changed and they refused to leave and lives were lost. >> reporter: 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate. tom wade, cbs news, right wood california. those hot breezy conditions are sticking around and that's tough on the fire crews. a fire in ber thid could be contained soon. fire crews fought this by the air. 20 of them have worked overnight to monitor the fire. they spent hours trying to save homes as shifting winds and dry conditions proved to be a dangerous conversation. we spoke with homeowners near the fire. one was preparing to leave and
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concern. >> i started gathering up important documents and stuff from her birth. just gathered up the dogs stuff and preparing that if i needed to load up real fast with the baby and dogs i could do so quickly. >> i tell you what i like to see. is fewer people throwing cigarette butts on the these roads. i ride my bike out here all the time and see it. it's crazy. >> crews estimate it could be fully contained by this evening. >> we're all like yes, we have seen that. can't believe people throw
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>> there's no rush to raise interest rates again. futures pointing to a higher open. tech company sis co announced they're laying off 50% of workers. sis co is based in california and makes networking kwiks and business has been hurt by corporate customers. centers rather than building their own. american ceo make three times as much as counter parts of other countries. the average net of coe in america is 13 billion compared
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countries. there's daytime and nighttime versions that come in menthol and green tea. target is going to spend $20 million to add private bathrooms. they are adding booth rooms to each store and this comes after target customers protested the policy of allowing transgender individuals to use whatever restroom corresponds to t move was in response to neg tiff feedback from customers on the company's stance on the gender identity issue. we are inching our way to the weekend and a cool down as well.
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welcome back. the impact of president obama's healthcare plan -- a new study finds prescription drug use increased sharply for people who got health coverage under the affordable care significantly dropped. researchers at rand corporation found people who were able to get on medicaid filled 97% more prescriptions and paid 58% less per prescription than they had before. stroke patients with aanemia ya may have an increased rate of death -- anemia.
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a mother's unhealthy diet during pregnancy may be linked to her child's behavioral problems later on. mother's high sugar diets shows an increase in a dhd symptoms in children 7-13 years old. an update we told you yesterday, mcdonald's will meal finance trackers. they planned on doing the promotion but now they're not. excel's day of service is a great way to help out in the community like packing nutritional meals for kids to food banks. it was one of the largest projects during last year's day of service. >> it was a quick three hours we
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155,000 families with meals. >> sign up to help colorado feed kids by going to the day of service page and volunteer day is coming up. mark the cal lender the calendars, september september 10th. limon at 49 degrees. all in all not too bad across the street. gary is in north brekenridge always a chilly start. there's a weather disturbance spinning coming out of utah. there's a few showers and the
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it's made it into montana and getting ready to enter northern wyoming. first the weather disturbance in the northwestern part of the state as it comes across it may kick up showers and higher elevations and foothills potentially we do expect the usual scattering of showers and storms in the high country today. for denver a few of those may try and come across the city but largely we escape with a mostly pick up and winds increase as the cold front starts to approach. 80s on the eastern plains and 60s and 70s up high and here's the five day forecast. a few stray storms possible and much cooler and unsettled. we're uncertain on how widespread the rain will be. chilly into saturday and joel starts on thursday. looks good.
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airport. you can see it's quite a nice drive out to the airport so if you happen to be commuting you're looking good there. highway 36 is where your main problems will be this morning. that's mostly due to construction related traffic. you can see eastbound just after broomfield that's where you're going to see some slow downs westbound just after i-25. britt, otherwise as the metro area picture, no accidents or stalls to report. the veil town council has scrapped a plan that could have raised the lift ticket tax. . they were considering a november ballot question. the city wanted to use the money to create more parking but after a public hearing on the town idea the council votes 6-1 on the measure.
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problems. we love to be a part of special projects and this is a spreshl project. >> reporter: denver national airport is adding more shops and changing a baggage claim. perhaps all it needs is the magic touch. >> what we want to do is firms. >> reporter: magic johnson enterprises has been doing business in denver for a long time. now the basketball star is among the equity partners looking to improve dia. >> you have already changed downtown and now that movement is going towards the airport and i want to be part of that change. >> reporter: in a business committee meeting wednesday,
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preagreement plans for overhall. london is the preferred bid team lead for the project. they say they want to make dia stress free for passengers. >> we can promise you it will be something unlike you have seen at the airport. >> reporter: for magic johnson, this project is more than just an airport makeover. it's also about reaching out to inner city kids and teaching them the importance of education. >> a lot of those kids grew up like i to this point. the business community unanimously approved the preagreement contract. now the team will come up with designs for the project to be presented to the city council. entering yesterday the rockies hasn't won back to back games since august 2nd and 3rd and they had a chance to do that
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start and bases were loaded clearing double make it 4-0. later in the first inning john gray helping his cause, the rockies led 7-0 after one. in the fifth bryce harper with a monster shot. that one went 481 feet. that would make it a 3-1 ball game. the rockies would lemahieu was 9-12 in the series. they get the win 12-10 and you know it's a good day when the pitcher gets rbi's. >> i didn't expect to hit it in the first frame at all. i had a good idea what i was going to do. it seemed to work out well i guess. >> is that the hardest you have hit a ball in a gape? >> maybe. back when we had the flexible bats in high school i may have
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continuing their jount practices later today at 9:30 getting set for their preseason game on saturday.
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simone biles just flipped over meeting zay >> reporter: just because she crushes the competition doesn't mean she can't have a crush. she fulfilled a lifetime dream -- not the gold medals -- we mean the kiss from actor zac efron. she had famously tweeted about
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at the olympics. a leotard with zach's face all over it. >> reporter: simone has been kissing zac since christmas of 2014. she received this life size cut out of him in her bedroom i used to kiss him on the cheek. >> really? >>reporter: instead of her cut outs she got the real zac when nbc flew down to rio and hid him as she watched her performance and had him surprise the gymnastics team. and zac seemed honored to meet them. >> their story blue my mind. >> he kissed her multiple times. simone kissed him announcing herself on cloud nine.
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but she got one. >> just call me mrs. efron already she tweeted and a fan said "no honey, we'll call him mr. biles". simone won four gold medals and there was only one zac efron. kerry walsh jennings looked to walk away with a volleyball medal last night. the americans took down brazil to win bronze in the third set. walsh jennings is now the most decorated beach volleyball player with four medals and she's 38 years old and has not
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yet. the brazilian team ended up with silver. germany took the gold. for the first time ever, a country sweeps all the medals in the women's 100-meter hurdles and this was a close race. >> at the gun they go over the first hurdle and rollins has a slight lead. ali is there as well. rollins wins it. >> wow, the medals and rollins takes gold and ali takes the silver and in a clo,, everyone complains about millennials. nonsense. millennials, i salute you.
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it's thursday, i'm britt moreno. california's wildfires grow to more than 40 square miles. homeowner caught in a world of fire coming up. the feds are examining a local police department. what prompted the look inside the commerce city pd. meantime we are looking at a big change coming in our weather and a beautiful moon out there this morning. >> we sure do. gorgeous shot this morning and a chris spears is tracking the forecast for us. good morning, that is the full stur john moon that was full at 3:26 this morning. tracking a big change off to the north. a cold front working in from canada and it promises a much cooler work week. >> the drive from the north side of town is looking okay and both sides of 270 are nice and wide


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